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PreComp 0.4 (developer version) testing results

The test system is a P4 2.66 GHz with 512 MB ram running Windows 2000. Tests were made with the German "Wikipedia" DVD-image (2007/2008 edition) which contains several large files.

All files were precompressed with the standard ini settings generated by PreComf on its first start. Just the modes were adjusted for the multiple test runs. Slow and fast mode were not combined in a seperate run. Brute mode was not tested.

The long times certainly are connected to the slow old HDD in the test computer and should not be taken too serious. Additionally the computer has at times been in parallel use with other programs. That and the fact that PreComp is still beta made me leave out the times in the table.

WinAce was chosen to get an idea of how much space could be saved by using PreComp with the test files because it is a widely used compression utillity that offeres fast enough compression to be of any use for files of several GB in size. Compression level is maximum, dictionary 4096k and ACE 2.0 compression including all filters enabled.

All files could be restored properly and matched the original exactly in binary comparison.

filenameOrg. sizeWinAceFast mode Normal modeSlow mode Slow + WinAce
Wikipedia.base.zip13.361.345 Bytes 9.714.078 Bytes13.361.975 Bytes13.374.908 Bytes 13.374.908 Bytes9.715.790 Bytes
Wikipedia.zeno3.190.798.883 Bytes 3.190.798.985 Bytes3.190.839.579 Bytes3.192.507.559 Bytes 9.398.592.824 Bytes1.522.971.253 Bytes
Wikipedia.index.zeno1.315.458.566 Bytes 838.262.756 Bytes1.315.458.602 Bytes1.315.458.602 Bytes 1.318.866.832 Bytes837.548.487 Bytes
Total4.519.618.794 Bytes 4.038.775.819 Bytes4.519.660.156 Bytes4.521.341.069 Bytes 10.730.834.564 Bytes2.370.235.530 Bytes