Lastest news

22.02.2019 Precomp v0.4.7 is out

25.09.2017 Precomp v0.4.6 is out

08.05.2016 Precomp v0.4.5 is out

14.01.2016 Precomp v0.4.4 is out

11.01.2016 Added link to Precomp on GitHub

05.01.2016 Added link to Google Drive containing old Precomp versions

01.09.2012 Precomp v0.4.3 is out

25.03.2012 Added PayPal donate button

25.09.2011 Precomp v0.4.2 is out

20.12.2010 Precomp v0.4.1 is out

29.09.2010 Site layout switched to CSS

21.03.2009 Precomp v0.4 is out

21.07.2008 Precomp v0.3.8 is out

15.01.2008 PrePAQ v2 (aka paq8o8pre v2) is out

05.11.2007 Precomp v0.3.7 and lprepaq v1.3 - JPG bugfix

31.10.2007 Precomp v0.3.7 and lprepaq v1.3 are out

22.08.2007 Precomp v0.3.6 is out

20.08.2007 Precomp v0.3.5 is out

17.08.2007 Precomp v0.3.4 reloaded (works under Windows XP now)

14.08.2007 Precomp v0.3.4 is out

16.07.2007 Precomp v0.3.3 is out

20.06.2007 Added Precomp v0.3.2, uploaded new site

26.04.2007 Designed and rendered new menu

07.04.2007 Added some more content

15.02.2007 Started new site