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Welcome to my site!

Here you can have a look at my various coding projects. Some tutorials might help you to gain some new skills. Here is a quick overview:


Do you have troubles with big PDF files? Do you want to recompress a ZIP or JAR file to gain better compression, but without unzipping it? Then have a look at the Precomp utility. Using Precomp and a state-of-the-art compression tool, you can compress PDF files to about 50% of their original size. It also processes some more filetypes: ZIP, JAR, SWF, PNG, ODT, GZ, SVGZ, SIS.


Have you ever wondered what can be done with DOS batch files? SickBAT goes further, instead of copying files there is a playable RPG and some animations.


At the moment, there are two tutorials available. One is about the A* algorithm which you can use to let your NPCs find a way through mazes, the other is about bilinear filtering to make textures look better.


Other interesting sites on the web.


If you want to send a mail or chat with me.